A Katrina Collision

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It’s been fourteen years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and I still remember that time like it was yesterday. Not only was my family going through a rough time, but so was the rest of the city. I questioned whether my home would survive the storm, if my law practice would last once I returned, and when or if my kids would return to school.

It was hard to push the uncertainties of the future to the back of my mind as I piled my family, pets, and most precious belongings into the car, got into traffic, and tried to evacuate before the storm hit. Every road out of the city was packed with cars, and with anxiety rising, drivers weren’t on their best behavior. 

Chaos Erupted

After moving twenty miles in three hours on the highway north towards Alabama, my family was getting restless. Suddenly, I witnessed a crazy car accident. A reckless driver veered out of traffic and down the shoulder before trying to cut back into the lane further up.


The vehicle drivers further up didn’t want to let him back in because he was trying to cheat the system, so they closed the space between their vehicles. The reckless driver forced his way into the lane and ended up T-boning one vehicle and rear-ending the other.

Traffic stopped completely at this point and I knew that, as a lawyer, I needed to do something. Once the police came, I got out of my car and told the police I had witnessed the accident take place. I offered to represent the two drivers hit in the wreck and get them the settlement they deserved from this reckless driver. Unfortunately, because we were all evacuating for the storm, the legal process was delayed. 

The Battle of Recovery

Thankfully, the police created a report at the scene of the wreck, but recovering a settlement for my clients proved more difficult than I ever imagined. The storm displaced everyone, and I was stuck in Alabama for three months.

My clients and the defendant were also in separate states. When I finally returned home, I was dealing with my personal life on top of this case. The court system was disorganized after Katrina and gathering evidence proved difficult because the wreck happened in the middle of the highway in congested traffic. 

A Well-Deserved Victory

Though it took a long time to recover settlements for my clients, I was successful in the end. The police report, in addition to my witness testimony, was enough to prove negligence against the defendant.

Katrina threw a wrench in the lives of many, and many law offices left or shut down after the storm. I, however, stayed. Spencer Calahan Injury Lawyers is another firm I know that stayed. The ones that stayed knew that supporting refugees in their time of need was essential. I’m glad I could deliver my clients a positive outcome during such a negative time.

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