How a Car Accident Led to Medical Malpractice

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I’m a lawyer in Lexington, Kentucky. Like many other lawyers in the area, I specialize in handling car accident cases. Although I don’t enjoy hearing about my clients getting injured on the road, I get excited for the opportunity to seek justice on their behalf.

When a young woman called me as soon as her car accident occurred, I knew I had a strong case on my hands. She was smart for calling me in such a timely manner. She was in the hospital and knew the person who hit her was at fault for her wreck. She wasn’t sure if the driver had been texting behind the wheel or distracted in some other way, but I planned to get to the bottom of it.

After further investigation, I was able to obtain the phone records of the driver. The phone records showed that the driver who hit my client had been texting at the same time the collision occurred. With this evidence proving negligence, my client received a settlement for her pain and suffering, medical expenses, and property damage. 

A Double Case of Negligence

Unfortunately, my client had the worst luck possible. She had suffered internal bleeding because of the wreck and needed surgery to repair something inside her abdomen. She hoped to come out of surgery feeling better than when she went in. But the doctor who treated her was also negligent! He left a surgical tool inside her body, causing even more suffering after everything she’d been through.

I knew my client needed to file a separate lawsuit for medical malpractice, but I had no expertise in this field, so I referred her to Wilt & Thompson, PLLC. It was unfortunate that she had to go through more injuries and another legal process. Medical malpractice cases are even more complex than car accident cases. Thankfully, she had a strong team by her side. She made a full recovery and, with her settlement money, she was able to walk away with no medical fees holding her back. 

When someone is negligent, it can change the course of a victim’s life. Drivers and medical providers can kill people if they aren’t careful. I never enjoy seeing people get injured or suffer. But I’m proud to be involved in personal injury law because justice must be served in these situations, and I’m the one who helps serve it.


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