Texting Turned to T-Bone Collision

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I’m a personal injury attorney in Illinois and like many personal injury attorneys in the area, most of the cases I receive are car accident cases. I used to discuss my work with another Chicago car accident attorney in the area. We often got together to share tips and tricks about our profession, and we’d exchange stories about car accident cases we recently settled.

In recent months, we haven’t gotten together as much as we used to, but I just had a car accident case that made me want to share, so I thought I’d do it here. In this case, my client had been severely injured in a T-bone collision. It’s never easy for me to watch my clients suffer, but it motivates me more than ever to maximize their settlement. 

The Aftermath

My client had suffered a traumatic brain injury, bone fractures in three places, and severe burns to his face. His life would never be the same because of this accident and I had to understand what happened. After investigating the car accident, the police had no information on why the accident occurred. They knew the driver who T-boned my client was at fault, but couldn’t determine why. 

Finding the Evidence

It wasn’t until I got traffic camera footage from the intersection that I could prove to the court that driver had been texting behind the wheel. Because the driver was blatantly negligent in injuring my client, the court awarded my client over a million dollars in settlement money. The money accounted for my client’s medical expenses, the property damage done to his vehicle, and his immense pain and suffering. 

Worth the Effort

I was so proud of myself in this car accident case because I demanded justice for my client and got him the settlement money he deserved. Although his life would never be the same after this tragic accident, he can now recover without financial hardships holding him back. This was one of the biggest wins of my career and all it took was the time and effort to look for the evidence and find the “why.”

My client probably would have won a settlement for the T-bone collision even if I hadn’t proven that the driver had been texting. However, by going the distance and showing the extent of the negligence that was at play, my client got the most out of his claim. I’m proud I could be a part of this case and could help another victim in need. 

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