When No-Fault Isn’t Enough

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As a car accident lawyer in Florida, I often have to get around the no-fault car insurance law. Florida makes it difficult for both car accident victims and personal injury lawyers to be successful because drivers are required to carry personal injury protection insurance. 

This insurance is supposed to help drivers recover compensation quickly when an accident occurs, but in reality, it prevents injured victims from receiving the money they deserve.

Personal injury protection insurance in Florida only pays out money for medical expenses and lost wages. It doesn’t account for property damage and non-economic damages. When a victim knows they’ve been wronged by a negligent party in their accident, this no-fault policy throws a wrench in the justice system.

A Difficult Case in Tampa

Usually, I find ways to get around the no-fault law. If a victim suffers damages that exceed the limits of their no-fault policy, they can sue for the remainder of their damages. But last year, I handled a case that stumped me. I had to seek help from a car crash lawyer in Tampa who knew the city’s court system inside and out. Sometimes, it takes someone on the inside to convince the court to let a case through. 

I believed in my heart that my victim deserved more than the amount that her insurance was giving her. She deserved a full settlement and money for her non-economic damages. The negligent driver who hit her also deserved to pay for what they did. With this lawyer in Tampa by my side, we litigated the case and convinced the Tampa court to take action. 

The Case Results

After convincing the court that the negligence of the driver was extensive, they allowed us to pursue the case. My client had suffered significant damages and we had to prove the value of the damages. It’s often difficult for the court to put a monetary value to a victim’s pain and suffering. But with medical records, witness testimonies, and photographs, it was clear that my client deserved justice.

Working as a lawyer in a no-fault state isn’t easy. I have to fight harder for my clients every day. But when I know that someone deserves a settlement, I don’t quit. $10,000 of personal injury protection insurance isn’t enough to recover from most car accidents. With the right support, victims can get the money they deserve and find a better life after the tragedy they’ve been through.

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